BioBlend BC Biodegradable/Compostable Resins for Packaging and Films

Description - BioBlend BC Biodegradable/Compostable Resins are thermoplastic resins that offer exceptional functional and environmental benefits. They are blends of plant-based NuPlastiQ® CG BioPolymer with other biodegradable resins such as PLA, PHA,
or PBAT.


Used for final products that require strength, plasticity, and industrial compostability. These include bags, agricultural films, and injection molded foodservice and retail packaging (containers, trays, cups, lids, straws, plates, utensils).

                                                Features & Benefits of BC Resins 
• The base resin, NuPlastiQ CG BioPolymer, has been certified by TUV Austria to fully biodegrade in industrial composting environments in 28 days.

• BC resins are designed to pass ASTM D6400 testing for industrial composting and to be certified by TUV (formerly Vincotte) to pass the criteria established by EN-13432 for compostability.1 


• BioBlend BC 27130, a NuPlastiQ CG/PBAT blend used for agricultural mulch films, has met ASTM standards for industrial composting and is certified as such by TUV.
Other BC resins are in the process of receiving certification.